Dark Horse Picks Up Former Marvel Title

As part of its slate of New York Comic Con announcements, Dark Horse has announced that in 2016 they will be publishing a former Marvel title: Gun Theory by Daniel Way and Jon Proctor. Gun Theory, which was originally published as part of Marvel's Epic line in 2003, is a creator-owned crime series that followed a killer-for-hire named Harvey whose life is proverbially drained from him by his work but finds something to care about when he meets a woman. Dark Horse's collection of Gun Theory is announced to come out in September 2015.

This would be the first time readers will see Way and Proctor's complete Gun Theory story, as the original series under Marvel was cancelled after just two issues. In 2006, Way self-published a one-shot titled Bye-Bye, Harvey: A Gun Theory Short Story but there's no word if that will be included in this 2015 Dark Horse collection.



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