NYCC 2014: GREEN LANTERN Panel - Godhead and Beyond

Green Lantern #35
Credit: DC Comics

The architects of the Green Lantern titles at DC Comics came back down to Earth for a panel at New York Comic Con 2014, the first DC Universe panel of the convention.

Robert Venditti, Bernard Chang, Van Jensen, Justin Jordan, and Bradley Walker sat on the panel moderated by John Cunningham.

Credit: DC Comics

The current crossover event pits the Lanterns agains the New Gods in "Godhead." Venditti said "we knew before "Lights Out" that we'd be using the New Gods soon thereafter."

Jensen said of the 4-page spread of the Source Wall in Godhead #1, "I just wrote "four page spread of the Source Wall, here you go Ethan!" then he had to draw that whole thing out. "We did the history of the Universe in 3 pages, not the easiest thing to write, and definitely not the easiest to draw. But it's fun bringing these two powerful forces in the DC Universe against each other."

"If you have this long-simmering war, it changes both sides," he said about the New Gods and who they are in the New 52. He and Justin created some "new New Gods." something Jordan said was, "my one demand - I had to be allowed to create at least one."

Venditti said that Hal's transition into leader of the Corps is really tested as he meets the New Gods. "He has to decide how much he can grow and change as the leader but not lose who he is."

"That parallels a lot with what's going on with Kyle in New Guardians," Jordan said. "What do you do when you become a god and don't want to be? Can Kyle remain who he is while having that much power, or will it inherently curropt him? Will everyone end up like the New Gods? It's fun seeing that stuff come to a head... a God Head..."

Credit: DC Comics

The one-shot had one ring from each corps being taken by the New Gods in an attempt to make the Life Equation. It doesn't work, Jensen explained. "So Highfather takes creatures and chains and twists them together - what are mortals to a god?"

Next week's New Guardians #35 is Act 1, Part 4, and features Kyle Rayner looking very worse for wear on the cover.

Walker said, "I read the last couple of pages later, after I'd been working on the book. it really brings everything full circle with everything we've been playing with." Jordan said, "I really like the planet you made in this issue! It's a very scifi awesome looking place." "That was one of the things about this book that I was really interested in doing," Walker replied. "We both wanted to do the same kind of book. Stuff like that is really interesting to me about science fiction. I wanted to reveal a world that was weird to Kyle as he was exploring it in space. Justin would write a story where something weird would happen, and then you come back to a normal that's not normal to us."

"Basically every arc of ours takes place on a new planet, and that's tricky, so I take out that frustration by trying to make Brad cry," Jordan joked of the crazy environments.

Jordan said his focus on Kyle with godly power is not "what can he do," but "what would he do?"

All the creators feel like this crossover came at the right time, after they had some time to do their own thing for awhile - "it's the culmination of all our stoyrlines," Jordan said specifically. "It's not something outside where we intended to go."

Simon Baz will be a "very important part" of the Red Lanterns chapters of Godhead, as the only Green Lantern allowed in sector 2814, Venditti said.

Hal will seek help from Sinestro and his corps against the New Gods in the pages of Sinestro, while he's still dealing with the lost Korugarans and trying to reestablish his corps. "Hal and Sinestro need to bring out the best in each other and come together." The Indigo Tribe is also front-and-center in that series.

Fan Q&A started next.

The first asked about where Larfleeze is in all of this, and Venditti pointed out that he doesn't currently have his orange ring, because the New Gods stole it.

Q: Good moment for Arkillo sometime soon?

"That was me," Jordan said, "And I think his fingers will grow back because he's essentially a lizard."

The Black Lanterns "will be involved in this - stay tuned for a month or so," Jensen teased to a fan.

Q: Any connection to the Apokoliptian attack on Earth 2?

"It really seems like something's going on, doesn't it?" Venditti said. "It sure could all be connected! This is all stuff that's been coordinated for a long time."

Favorite Lantern?

Venditti: "Saint Walker"

Jensen: "I liked all the blue lanterns that Justin murdered. No, I really like Ronponpan."

Jordan: "My favorite was the Giraffe Blue Lantern. My actual favorite is still Kilowog though."

Walker: "Kilowog is really hard to draw with his head - and that makes him one of my favorites. I loved Brother Warth."

Jordan: "Yeah, for the record I do feel bad about killing off all the blue lanterns."

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