NYCC Attracts 151k+ Attendees, Now Bigger Than San Diego?

New York Comic Con 2008

New York Comic Con 2014 is underway, and from all reports it's moving as smoothly as possible given its size -- and this year it looks to have become the biggest comic convention in North America. Newsarama has been told by the man in charge of the convention, ReedPOP's Global Senior Vice President Lance Festerman, that this year's convention attendance exceeds 151,000. If this attendance number is correct, New York Comic Con would overtake Comic-Con International: San Diego as the biggest comics convention in North America. And NYCC is resting on its laurels, as today it's announced a Paris edition of the show to compliment the previously announced itterations in India and Australia.

Up until now, the San Diego convention has been looked upon as the biggest American comics convention, as it's reported attendance figures around 130,000 annually since 2010 with tickets selling out months in advance of its July dates. In 2012, Associated Press reported that San Diego's convention organizer capped their ticket sales "at around 130,000" to reduce long lines at the conventions and reduce the rise of ticket brokers buying up blocks of admission badges for resale. Newsarama reached out to Comic-Con International: San Diego for more precise numbers for their 2014 edition, but have not received comment.

The organizers of Comic-Con International: San Diego have supported plans for expansion of the San Diego Convention Center in order to allow for higher attendance, but so far those plans have been blocked by local courts. The convention is currently commited to San Diego only through 2016 however, and could seek alternative venues for the convention in 2017 and beyond. WonderCon, which is run by the same company which runs Comic-Con International: San Diego, moved that convention from its long-held home in the California Bay Area in 2012 to Anaheim.

And ReedPOP, the organizers of New York Comic Con, isn't planning on just doing one comic convention a year. Earlier this year the convention company announced international editions of its shows in India and Australia, and earlier today they annouced a fourth -- Paris Comic Con in 2015. There, ReedPOP would be entering the marketplace of a convention even larger than New York Comic Con -- Angoulême International Comics Festival, whose annual attendance is over 200,000. But all of these conventions are dwarfed by Japan's twice-yearly Komiket, whose summer 2013 show boasted an attendance of 590,000.

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