The Pied Piper
Credit: DC Comics
Jeremy Jordan (left) and Andy Mientus (right) on "Smash"
Jeremy Jordan (left) and Andy Mientus (right) on "Smash"
Credit: NBC

The Flash is going to need all the speed he can get to catch up with the villains barreling into CW’s The Flashtelevision series. TVLine is reporting that television actor Andy Mientus of Smash has been hired to play the DC villain Pied Piper. Furthermore, TVLine says that DC won’t be shying away from the fact that the comic character is openly gay.

TVline’s Michael Ausiello says that the Pied Piper’s origin will be slightly different than in comics, as Piper – real name Hartley Rathaway – will be a S.T.A.R. Labs employee who is rendered deaf by their particle accelerator and pursues a villainous path creating sonic weapons against his S.T.A.R. Labs co-worker (and former mentor) Harrison Wells, played by Tom Cavanagh.

Pied Piper, also known solely as Piper, was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino and is considered one of the Flash’s key adversaries throughout history. In comics the Pied Piper was born deaf, but was later cured by Dr. Magnus – the same Dr. Magnus who created the Metal Men. With his hearing working, Rathaway became obsessed with sound and sonic technology, leading him to pioneer a method to hypnotize people through music.

With the relaunch of DC Universe in 2011, Rathaway has quit as a supervillain, teams up with the Flash, and ends up dating police captain David Singh. Singh is being played in The Flash television series by Patrick Sabongui, but it’s too early to say if their comics relationship will be replicated on-screen.

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