DC & THE CW Discussing a 3rd DC Show, LIAM NEESON Was Approached To Play ARROW’s Ra’s al Ghul

Could BOOSTER GOLD Be DC and the CW's Next Show?
Credit: DC Comics

In a new, expansive interview on Buzzfeed with the producers of The CW’s Arrow and executives for the network, a couple of interesting factoids emerged.

First, it was revealed that after the Arrow producers announced at this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con that Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul would be Season 3’s “big bad,” and actor Liam Neeson publicly declared a willingness to consider playing it, Neeson was actually approached about reprising the role.

Neesons (as Key and Peele would say) memorably played the role in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins and had a small cameo in The Dark Knight Rises.

“We never thought he would,” admitted The CW’s president Mark Pedowitz. “We quickly went to him, just on the off-chance that he had the time to do it.”

Neeson did not, and the role went to Australian actor Matt Nable.

As a result, Arrow co-creator and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told Buzzfeed that Nable’s version will differ significantly from Neeson’s interpretation of the character. “What we’re trying to do is something a bit more elemental,” Kreisberg said. “Presenting a Ra’s al Ghul who’s a bit more primal. More of a legend and a whisper and something to be feared.”

Earlier in the interview, Pedowitz also revealed a third DC character is in consideration among executives at DC, The CW and Warner Bros to lead his or her own show. “There are discussions going on,” said Pedowitz, “but I can’t tell you what they are.”

One obvious candidate would be Ray Palmer/the Atom, who’ll play a major role in Arrow’s third season (though if he eventually takes to super-heroics, that would likely happen over on The Flash rather than Arrow.)

Fans should also recall Hourman was previously announced as being in development at The CW, though nothing about that show has been mentioned for some time now.

But digging deeper fans with good memories might remember in 2011 it was announced Kreisberg and fellow Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti were developing a potential Booster Gold series for Syfy, with Kreisberg tweeting that a script was turned into Syfy as late as May 2013 and also revealing around that time the show could co-exist in the same universe as Arrow.

But Geoff Johns recently revealed to MTV that there were no longer any "rights issues" with the character (seemingly indirectly announcing it was no longer alive at Syfy), that Kreisberg and Berlanti have a "great Booster Gold" script, and that there is a good chance the character will appear on The Flash, in which time travel will seemingly be an important element.

1.) They own the rights; 2.) they already own a "great" pilot script by Kreisberg and Berlanti; and 3.) there is spin-off potential on new ratings hit The Flash ala how Barry Allen was successfully spun off from Arrow.

Could Booster Gold be the property Pedowitz was referring to? Chances look decent.

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