Oliver Queen Fights ARROW in New Trailer, FLASH Trailer Shows Cold in Action

Credit: The CW

Arrow debuts its third season tonight, in what EP Marc Guggenheim says has "season finale" style events. If it wasn't already on your must-watch list, star Stephen Amell shared a new trailer on his personal facebook page with some new footage. Also, Oliver runs a lot in this trailer. Seriously, lots of running. Oh, and he fights the Arrow, so that's weird. Check it out here!




And meanwhile The Flash, coming off a premire that was the highest-rated first episode of a series for The CW since 2009's Vampire Diaries debut, also showed off a trailer giving a deeper look into the first half of the season at the end of the pilot. The trailer has lots of action, including Captain Cold's gun and a kiss from one Ms. Smoak. See what it is that makes Barry Allen "Heroic" in the new trailer below.

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