Director Scott Derrickson Tweets, We Wildly Speculate About DOCTOR STRANGE News

Credit: Scott Derrickson on Twitter

Bear with us for a moment, while we connect what very may well be imaginary dots. Speculation engines: engage.

Right now, we know very little about Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange. We know that it’s coming, in Phase 3. We know that Scott Derrickson is directing it. We know one actor who is definitely probably almost certainly not playing the lead. We suspect it’s coming out July 2016, but that’s never been confirmed.

So here’s where the speculation engine kicks into high gear. Derrickson tweeted two days ago that he “now work[s] on the Disney lot,” with a fun old Mickey in a haunted house cartoon. Okay, innocent enough, and of course he’d have to go get working seriously on this movie at one point or another. Then, just moments ago on Tuesday evening, he tweeted a picture of himself from the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC. That’s two days before New York Comic Con begins.

Now, maybe he’s here for another project, or a meeting, or a vacation, or to say hi to a friend. But while Marvel Studios doesn’t have a film panel at NYCC this year, Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada has his annual “Cup O’ Joe” panel on Saturday, and Saturday night does see Marvel Studios and Netflix bring their Daredevil TV show to the public for the first time. Both of those would be prime candidates for a surprise announcement about Doctor Strange - especially if the character, who is associated in the comics with the “Defenders” that Daredevil is a part of, could wind up being a crossover character – but that’s more speculation for another day.

But hey, if we're right, we'll gladly say "told you so."

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