IRON MAN 4 in Development? DOWNEY JR Now Says, 'OK, Yes.'

"Okay, yes."
Credit: Marvel Studios

“I know there’s going to be more Marvel movies, and they have big ideas of how to do it best. We’re in the middle of negotiations, wah wah wah…”

That’s how Robert Downey, Jr. answered Ellen Degeneres when she asked him, “Are we going to get an Iron Man 4?” She pressed on, saying, “So, yes?” and he replied, “OK, yes.”

Well that’s quite the shift in just a few days, isn’t it?

At first, just a few months ago, RDJ was denying any and all possibility that he’d be doing a fourth solo film for the armored Avenger. Indeed, his current contract only includes Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers 3. Then he opened the door in an interview with Deadline, saying his future as Iron Man was “all being talked about on a bunch of different levels right now,” and even half-joked that he’d do the fourth solo flick if his pal Mel Gibson was directing.

Today’s interview marks a shift into him flat-out saying “yes,” which could just be him placating Ellen, but more importantly using the key industry buzzword of “negotiations.” That’s the word that makes this much more real, rather than his admission under duress. The episode was taped today, and is due to air on Thursday, so maybe we’ll get more details about it then. As others have pointed out, after making $1.2 billion on Iron Man 3, it’s no secret Marvel wants more if they can get it.

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