TV Roundup: TRANSFORMERS Cartoon Moves, WALKING DEAD Renewed, MYST TV News?

Credit: The Hub, Hasbro

The new series Transformers: Robots in Disguise is much anticipated from Hasbro, and it will also be their first series off of the now-defunct Hub network in several years. That network is now called Discovery Family, and Robots in Disguise will instead debut on Cartoon Network in 2015.

Of course, Hasbro still has other, more young kid focused shows that will stay on Discovery Family, despite the company no longer owning a portion of the station, My Little Pony chief amongst them. The newly named station will be focused more toward girls and younger children, and their new Transformers series fits better in the boys primetime demographic, Stephen Davis, president of Hasbro Studios explained.

As Newsarama reported earlier this year, the new series will take place some “years after” Transformers Prime, in the same continuity, with Bumblebee leading a rogue team of Autobots who have just returned to Earth.

The Walking Dead Renewed ahead of Season Premiere

And in the least surprising news item of 2014, on the eve of its fifth season premiere this Sunday, AMC announced Tuesday it is renewing ratings juggernaut The Walking Dead for a sixth season, with Scott Gimple returning as the series’ showrunner/executive producer. A spin-off is also in development to run alongside the series in 2015.

Video Games Try TV

Let’s face it, Video Game film adaptations don’t have the best track record - so Legendary is trying something different, TV. Of course, they’re also using a much-beloved, but somewhat odd choice for their first try: Myst.

Yes, that Myst. The one for PC in 1993 that featured a first-person protagonist slowly exploring a mysterious island, where he’s trying to discover the secrets of the past, the present, and even alternate worlds. Cyan Worlds and Legendary TV & Digital Media will team to “finally be able to express in a visual linear medium the rich story that the Myst franchise is dripping with.” We’re hoping for the whole series to be shot in first person and only have other stars once or twice an episode at most, personally.

Michael Doran also contributed to this article.

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