THE FANTASTIC FOUR's Michael B. Jordan Likes Being The Underdog

In a new interview with TheDailyBeast, actor Michael B. Jordan says he’s “really happy” with The Fantastic Four, the new superhero reboot from Fox that will see Jordan as Johnny Storm, a character that in the comics is traditionally caucasian. The actor echoed what others have said about the film, too, that the movie is “a different take on the franchise” and a “grounded superhero film.”

”You really care and get to know the characters a lot,” Jordan promised. “You get a feeling like you’re discovering the characters at the same time they’re discovering themselves.”

Of course, there’s been a lot of talk about “no costumes” or at the very least not the ones we’re expecting. Of course, Jordan dispels that to a point, saying, “I think it wasn't on set, but it was during the fittings when I put on the full outfit and looked at myself in the mirror, and I was like, "Oh shit. Game on!" It was like, this is it! This is what it looks like. This is what it feels like. It felt good.” Of course with that “Game on” comment he missed the perfect time for a franchise catch phrase, but we digress. “You can talk about it and discuss it and what not it. But it's not until you get on set and put on those clothes that you become that person. You kind of check out. Mike checked out. I was playing Johnny Storm. I was doing it. No more talking about it. You gotta be about it.”

Jordan didn’t want to get too much more into the specifics of the changes. Just as Fox and director Josh Trank have been uncharacteristically secretive about the revival of the superhero franchise, Jordan dodged any questions about specifics. Still, he did talk about the change in race for the role.

”It's a reflection of the times we live in right now. It reflects the world that everyone lives in right now. When it did dawn on me, I was very proud to be that guy. I knew it was a huge responsibility and weight on my shoulders, but at the same time I looked forward to tackling that challenge and doing great work. I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing my whole career: putting the hard work in, doing my homework, and showing up and giving 100 percent.”

And if you’re thinking the new flick can’t hack it? Jordan actually prefers it that way. “I embrace it. And I don’t mind [being the underdog] at all. I like it. I always root for the underdog. Who doesn't love a feel-good story? The unlikely hero? There's something more satisfying about playing characters like that, or getting to a place people didn't expect you to be. But you're here now.”

The Fantastic Four is due in theaters on its new date of August 7, 2015.

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