UPDATE: DC Listens To BATMAN Fans, Creative Team, Reverses Course on Price Increase

Batman #35 variant
Credit: DC Comics

UPDATE: DC Comics announced they have reversed course on plans to increase the cover price of Batman to $4.99 for the standaed edition. In an alert to comic book retailers, DC announced that Batman #36 and #37, chapters two and three of the just-begun "Endgame" arc, will carry the standard $3.99 price tag even with the higher page count. DC adds that the "Combo Pack" editions of these two issues will be $4.99.

ORIGINAL STORY: We reported that DC Comics had decided, because of the increased page count, to raise the price of Batman to $4.99, at least for the “Endgame” arc starting with next week's #35. Fans weren’t the only ones taken aback by the news - so were the book’s creators Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

Snyder tweeted about the issue Thursday afternoon, saying he has actually asked DC Comics to reduce the price back to $3.99.

”Regarding the price point on Batman, @GregCapullo and I heard about it yesterday w/you, and quickly made a case to DC about reducing it. And I can genuinely (happily) say that DC are taking it very seriously, which we appreciate. Stay tuned,” he tweeted.

Capullo, for his part, added Friday morning, “I don't set the cover price on Batman. As Scott said, we asked DC to reverse it. Ultimately, I can only try to give you your money's worth.”

Snyder also explained why the six-issue arc is extra-sized in the first place, promising backups that give “an amazing roster of bat-artists” the spotlight to help celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary.

So, will DC change the price back to $3.99? Well, it would be difficult to do that for Batman #35, as that issue went to print already given it goes on sale Wednesday. But for the rest of the arc? At this point, it certainly has to be a decision DC will strong consideration to, given how the creative team has publicly called them out on it. Snyder carries a lot of weight at DC Comics - his Batman book was one of the least-changed at the inception of the New 52, and he was looked upon as the heir apparent to Morrison on the line; three of his story lines have been crossed over by not only other bat books, but even by others across the line like Green Lantern Corps, Green Arrow, and other titles without “bat” or “green” in the title. As Snyder said, “Stay tuned.”

The solicited issues are still currently listed as $3.99 on DC's website but $4.99 on Diamond's retailer site, according to comic book retailer with access.

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