ALL-NEW X-FACTOR Cancelled, Says Creator

Cover by Kris Anka to All-New X-Factor #17, one of two issues coming in December
Credit: Marvel Comics

The X-Men titles are the largest franchise in superhero comic books, but that doesn’t mean it has the Midas touch for everything. Creators involved with the Marvel series All-New X-Factor announced to the public earlier this week that the series, which relaunched in January out of the long-running X-Factor series, would be ending with issue #20.

“…it’s because not enough people are buying it,” said series writer Peter David in a post on his website on October 1. “Which is exactly the reason they cancelled Gambit as well, so it’ll probably be a long time before he gets to star in another book.”

Marvel declined to comment on this story.

David says he first broke news about the cancellation at DragonCon in early September, but the news was never picked up on. posted an unsourced rumor of the book’s cancellation earlier this week, but incorrectly – according to David – said that the series would end at #19 and implied that the cancellation was due partially to Quicksilver, who is currently a member of X-Factor, being pulled from the book to rejoin the Avengers leading into the character’s appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015. Rich Johnston has since clarified he did not intend to imply a causal relationship between the two pieces of news, despite pairing them together.

Kris Anka, who illustrated the covers with designer Jared Fletcher since the series was relaunched in January, says that the creative team “knew this was coming for a while,” but are aiming for the final issues to be “a strong treat for the fans.”

Since the launching of All-New X-Factor in January, the series has focused on remnants of the previous X-Factor team being hired as an arm of a corporation known as Serval. Gone was the long-time leader of the team, Multiple Man, with the current team being made up of Polaris, Quicksilver, Gambit, Danger, Warlock, Cypher and has featured a host of guest stars including Longshot, Sunfire and the Red Skull.

All-New X-Factor #15  is due on shelves on October 22, with #17 and #18 (AXIS tie-ins) both solicited for December, leading us to project the final issues of the series to be in January or February of 2015.

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