Credit: DC Comics
Nicholas D'Agosto
Nicholas D'Agosto

Another future villain has joined the cast of Fox's Gotham, and this one plays both sides. We'd give you two guesses, but you already read the headline, right?

Yes, Harvey Dent is coming to the show, with Nicholas D'Agosto (Masters of Sex) cast in the role. He's listed as recurring with a series regular option - for Season 2. The actor is, somewhat surprisingly, 34 years old. Rather than being a contemporary of Bruce Wayne, he'll be one of Gordon's, it seems.

We just can't wait for all the blatant "two-faced" puns we are now destined to hear. "Harvey knows how to play both sides." "Watch out for Harv, he's just as likely to stab you as he is to hug you." "Man, that guy is two-faced." Yeah, you know it's coming.

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