DC Hints At WALLY WEST Joining the CW's THE FLASH Cast?

New 52's Wally West/Kid Flash
Credit: DC Comics

In a Flash-themed post on the DC Comics website today, the company came surprisingly close to hinting about the addition of Wally West to the new CW show, The Flash.

In a summary of Flash history timed to next week's premiere of The Flash, DC's website specifically addressed fan speculation about Wally West's addition to the TV show — and the character's rumored change of race. "[Wally], with his reintroduction into The New 52, saw his race change from Caucasian to African American, a change that is likely to be reflected in the Flash TV show," the website reported.

In the comics, Wally West was one of the characters who became The Flash, but he was initially "Kid Flash," a sidekick to the earlier Flash, Barry Allen. The TV show is following the adventures of Barry Allen.

This is the first time DC has commented about the addition of Wally West to the cast of The Flash, and although it stops short of confirmation, the use of the word "likely" will surely give Wally West fans hope.

Those fans — who enthusiastically lobbied for the character's reintroduction after DC's reboot in 2011 eliminated him — were also given some acknowledgement from DC, as today's post admitted Wally West "may have the most passionate fan base." The fans got their wish earlier this year when DC finally brought introduced Wally to comics again, but this time the character was no longer the red-headed Caucasian he had been in the past, instead appearing as an African American teen.

Readers were told months ago that The Flash television show had cast African American actress Candice Patton as Iris West, a character that plays an important part in Flash comics mythology. And because Iris is Wally West's aunt, many readers began to speculate that Wally himself might be added to the show — and because Iris is Wally's blood-related aunt, fans also guessed that the TV version of Wally might be black, like his new comic book version.

Now DC (a company that’s often reserved and tight-lipped about upcoming events, particularly as they pertain to DC-related matters from other parts of the Warner Bros. stable) appears to be joining in the speculation that The Flash TV show will add an African American Wally West to its cast — but when it's coming from the company's official website, is it pure speculation? Or does this post make Wally's appearance more… "likely?"

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