Spoiler Sport: FUTURES END Week 4: Identity, Wars, Big Bad Revealed

The Flash: Futures End #1
Credit: DC Comics

Okay guys, we’re going to make this quick – Spoilers Ahoy for this week’s Futures End one-shots. It’s week four, here’s the relevant bits that we found in this week’s titles. This week's theme seems to be identity, a focus in Catwoman, The Flash, wait - it's literally a focus in all ten issues this week.

Catwoman: Five years later, Selina Kyle is still in charge of the Gotham underworld, having united all the mob families. She fakes her death and makes off with all the money of all the mobs. She revealed, as well, that a betrayal/abandonment where Batman left her for dead is what started all this mob craziness. She’ll get in a fight with Carmine Falcone soon that scars her, too.

The Flash: The Flash (Barry Allen) of the far future fights The Flash (Barry Allen) of 5 years from now and a burst of speed force gives Wally West speed. The issue is a direct continuation of August’s issue of the regular series, and goes right back into October’s, with Wally now powered up and ready to travel back in time to the present day to help present day Barry fight far-future Barry. Middle-future Barry is dead. #timetravel

Harley Quinn: Five years later… Harley’s status quo is basically identical; she’s still living in Coney Island with the same group of mooks. She gets stranded on an island where Joker happens to be (but everyone thought you were dead!) and it’s revealed that at some point in that interim time, she is “part of a superhero dynamic duo,” which is apparently happening soon, given the tease at the end of the issue that says, “Next: about that superhero dynamic duo…”

Aquaman and the Others: Another mention of a war, this one “The Apokolips War.” Recapping, that makes three - the War of Worlds, the Apokolips War, and The War with the Pantheons – that have been mentioned in Futures End one-shots. Whether these are all or some of the same is yet to be seen. OTHER than that, there’s not much of consequence here to the larger story (see what we did there? With Other? It’s a pun. Get it? Okay, moving on…), aside from one man now carrying all the Atlantean relics, who could have a role to play in Futures End.

Justice League Dark: Zatanna escaped… something a couple years back with the House of Mystery, trapped and scarred in a world between worlds with her lover, the Demon Etrigan. Black Orchid and Nightmare Nurse are there, too, and are a couple, too. Cassandra Craft rounds out the “team.”

Red Lanterns: Guy Gardner, Blue Lantern, and Bleez, Red Lantern (but at some level of peace) are going around healing other Red Lanterns, in an effort for “no more reds.” In order to do that, Bleez is taking ALL the red rings for herself. Rankorr has all the other red rings – they’re the only two left – and he’s evil, calling himself Red King Jack. Guy has a ring of almost every color around his neck and has “tried them all” so there’s possibility of that in the future. And it ends with no more reds – only Hope (so unlike the DC Universe lately!).

Sinestro: Sinestro (and Nostromo the Indigo) are in a maximum security prison, with Sinestro’s finger cut off. Soranik Natu turns yellow sometime in the next five years. In the end, Sinestro puts on a black ring and rises his “new Sinestro Corps” of black lanterns. For those keeping track, yes, the Black Lanterns are still zombies.

Star Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie: Um, there was a zombie virus about to hit Gotham, then there wasn’t. However, G.I. Zombie did go through his own identity moment.

Superman: Billy Batson, Shazam, recounts why he’s been masquerading as Superman. During the Apokolips war heroes and villains teamed up to fight the denizens of Darkseid’s domain. Black Adam turned on Shazam, and Superman sent him into the Phantom Zone as punishment. Superman then had a mission to do that “sickened” him, and that he was sent on by someone else – most likely Batman, if we connect the dots to other Futures End specials. Shazam-erman fights Ibac (who he apparently “goes a couple rounds with before the war) and re-embraces his own identity thanks to some nudging by Lois Lane.

Booster Gold: Oh come on, you haven’t heard by now? Probably Pre-52 Booster, crazy multiversal action, Brianiac (again, most likely pre-52 version) attacking them all. Oh, just go read the full article, will you?

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