DEADPOOL Creators Think PG-13 is Fine, But There's No Rating Yet

Credit: Fox / Blur Studio

Rumors have been circulating that the Deadpool movie, set for a February 12, 2016 release, has a rating of PG-13 already. Nevermind that the shooting script is not finalized, the stars haven’t been signed, and not a single second of the actual film has been shot, but some across the internet (including on other geek news websites) are very concerned about the possible rating, claiming the movie needs to be rated R.

First off, putting those rumors to rest is co-writer Rhett Reese, who declared definitively on twitter, “Hey, guys, no one knows yet whether Dpool will be R or PG-13. There may not be an announcement for a long while. Hang in!” But aside from that, both writer/artist/creator Rob Liefeld and co-creator Fabian Nicieza have pointed out that most of Deadpool’s comics - including those created by the pair, have been firmly in the PG-13 rating.

”Deadpool has appeared in "PG-13" rated comics for 20 years without a problem, so why would a movie "have" to be "R" in order for it to not "lose its soul" -- ? Rambo (rated R) + Bugs Bunny (rated PG) = Deadpool (rated PG-13),” Nicieza posted on Facebook, directly addressing a quote from He went on to say that the “DNA” of Deadpool has always been in a PG-13 realm.

Liefeld, likewise, calls reports of the PG-13 rating “unfounded,” and expressed weeks ago, when the test footage was leaked, that a PG-13 rating can more than accommodate the character. His only other word on the subject with these new reports was retweeting someone who said "PG-13 would be fine. Have you seen PG-13 lately?"

As for the comics, aside from a Deadpool MAX mini-series, none of the comics have been “Rated R.” Of course, ratings for comic books and movies are not directly equivalent. For example, the frequent beheadings and dismemberments and blood spurts that can be pulled off in a Teen or Teen+ rated comic book would more likely be seen in an R movie or Mature rated TV series. Taking away some direct shots, and most/all of the blood completely changes that according to the MPAA, however. Violence would be the key in a Deadpool film, as, again, a Teen or Teen+ rating in a comic doesn’t allow for the major curse words (despite their inclusion in the recent video game and the test footage). As for that test footage? It would most likely be PG-13, believe it or not. There's a vehicular death, with no blood. There's a decapitation, but the actual chop happens off-screen, and the severed head doesn't have much in the way of blood and guts afterwards. And there are two swears, a "sh*t" and a "f*ck," which still fits the PG-13 billing - as long as those were the only ones.

Either way, don’t expect an actual rating for this movie until shortly before it debuts in about a year and a half - even the recent TMNT reboot didn’t have a rating until about 8 days prior to release. Fox could aim for a PG-13, let loose for an R, or even shoot the movie as R then make any necessary small cuts for the lower rating.

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