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Bryan Singer & a Sentinel
Bryan Singer & a Sentinel
Credit: Bryan Singer/20th Century Fox

After some criminal accusations were dropped and X-Men: Days of Future Past was a huge hit for Fox, they have reportedly “closed a deal” to bring Bryan Singer back as director for X-Men: Apocalypse, the next X-Men movie, which was teased in the stinger for Days. Singer also wrote the story for the film alongside Simon Kinberg, Michael Dougherty, and Dan Harris, and Kinberg, who also has his hands in Fantastic Four at Fox, as well as Star Wars in both live-action and animation for Lucasfilm, will write the screenplay for the film. The ever-present Lauren Schuler Donner, who has produced every film in the franchise, is back, as well.

Days of Future Past built off of the Singer-produced and Matthew Vaughan directed X-Men: First Class, which served as a soft reboot to the franchise after Singer’s departure from the director’s chair led to back-to-back critical flops in X-Men: The Last Stand (ironically the most successful of the films in the US box office), and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Days of Future Past came in second in U.S. box office in the franchise, falling short of Last Stand by only half a million dollars (out of $234.3m), but more importantly to the studio pulled in a series-record $512 million at foreign markets, bringing it to a series-high $745.9 mil worldwide gross.

Apocalypse takes place in the 1980s, a decade after the events Days of Future Past and according to the Hollywood trade the time travel events of Days and the rise of en sabah Nur are related, leading to a "seamless next step in the story". Reports Deadline: "The altering of time has unleashed a new and uniquely powerful enemy. Charles (James McAvoy), Erik/Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Raven/Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Hank/Beast (Nicholas Hoult) are joined by young Cyclops, Storm, Jean and others as the X-Men must fight their most formidable foe yet: an ancient unrelenting force determined to cause an apocalypse unlike any in human history."

The film may also feature the debut of Channing Tatum as Gambit and now that he's set to debut in a solo film earlier that year, there's also a possibility Deadpool could be incorporated into the action.

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