The Orange Glow - Philip Tan & Three More Lanterns

Philip Tan & Three More Lanterns

Green Lantern #39

Philip Tan is back, sharing another sneak peek at his designs for the Orange Lanterns who debut in Green Lantern with next month's issue #39.

The artist, who won rave reviews for his work on Final Crisis: Revelations, is the latest DC artist to help design the creatures who populate the Green Lantern universe as writer Geoff Johns takes the title toward the War of Light. Joining Johns for the storyline titled "Agent Orange," Tan is designing the characters whose rings harness the power of avarice.

Based on the idea that emotions hold power that can be controlled with rings -- similar to how the Green Lanterns harness the green-colored energy of willpower -- the War of Light is a prophesized battle between the Green Lanterns and other factions who control the other six colors in the emotional spectrum. It's all leading up to the highly anticipated Green Lantern-centric event titled Blackest Night, which is scheduled to take place next year, featuring Black Lanterns who are raised from the dead of Earth.

We talked to Tan about this batch of designs for the greedy Orange Lanterns, and this time around, we found out there are some really creepy reasons these guys look so odd.

the duo

Newsarama: What are we seeing in this first image? Is that two Orange Lanterns? Can you tell us what's happening here and who these creatures are?

Philip Tan: The creature with four arms and a raptor's head is only a construct made by the Orange Lantern whose body is wrapped in cloth.

NRAMA: Are those weapons being carried by the construct?

PT: Yes, those are weapons. The "raptor lady" is someone important to the Orange lantern and who is not physically alive and only lives in the Orange ring.

holes in its head? holes in its head?

NRAMA: In the second image, this larger creature in the front looks like it has holes in its head. What is that?

PT: Its body serves as a hive to contain certain creatures made of the Orange light. It is a creature with insatiable hunger to consume others and replicate more of itself with the Orange power.

NRAMA: The third creature hardly looks alive. What can you tell us about it?

A Vegan Orange Lantern

PT: The third one is a lone survivor of one of the planets in the Vega system, a being who consumed its own race one-by-one in quest for more knowledge. Their kind absorbs everything the victim knows by consuming it's brain.

NRAMA: How many total designs have you done for this storyline, Phil?

PT: I have lost count!


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