DAN ABNETT & The Return of The Original GUARDIANS

Guardians 3000
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

After helping re-invent Guardians of the Galaxy into the team you saw this summer in their hit movie, writer Dan Abnett is returning to Marvel Cosmic to bring back the original Guardians. Premiering on October 1, the new Guardians 3000 series finds Abnett and artist Gerardo Sandoval jumping 1000 years in the future of the Marvel U to follow the exploits of the last remnants of human civilization after it – and all its colonies – are wiping out by a alien race known as the Badoon. If you thought Star-Lord and his team were losers (as in they lost something), well then the heroes of Guardians 3000 are even bigger losers.

But how can a team from the future be the “original” Guardians of the Galaxy? Well, there far-flung future heroes have come to modern times on several occasions – and on one, their leader Vance Astro, met an informal group of heroes who had just fought in an attempted invasion of the Kree; his appearance and his stories inspired them to take up the Guardians of the Galaxy moniker in modern day history.

But enough history! It’s on to the future and its heroes as Newsarama talks with writer Dan Abnett about Guardians 3000.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Newsarama: Dan, we’re just a few weeks away from the debut of Guardians 3000 - how’s it feel to be so close to the launch of this, with the popularity of Guardians of the Galaxy at an all-time high?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Dan Abnett: Immensely exciting. It’s great to be back in the Guardians of the Galaxy part of the Marvel Universe, even in the future version. I’ve always loved the originals too. And I’ve seen the colored pages of the first issue… it looks so good.

Nrama: Let’s get into it – last time you were in Marvel cosmic you went big with the threats; what is the original Guardians up against here?

Abnett: Big again! The all-conquering monstrosity that is the Badoon Brotherhood, grinding the cosmos under its boots, not to mention that time itself is… coming apart at the seams. Which is the greater threat? Or are the Guardians going to have to tackle both head on?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: The advance solicitations for Guardians 3000 #2 promise some big guest stars. What’s in store as this story-arc unfolds?

Abnett: I’m creating a vision of the Marvel Universe 1000 years from now, so it’ll be fun to see what (and who) might have survived this long, what species have persisted, or died out, who the big players are now… and who’s new on the scene. There will be some familiar faces, some very new ones, and some properly unexpected cones too! Can you say “Gladiator”? Or “Star-Lord”? (yeah, not THAT one…)

Nrama: And this isn’t the first time you’ve written this original Guardians – you did the small story in the current Guardians of the Galaxy series, but you also featured them as guest stars in the previous Guardians of the Galaxy series. What do you feel makes them unique and unique to hook people in?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Abnett: The short I did was very much the intro to this series. I think they are enduring characters who thoroughly deserve wider recognition. They’re very old school science fiction in the best way. This is very much like my previous run on Guardians of the Galaxy, in as much as it’s about team-based dynamics and strong characters interacting… but these are very different characters, and the future’s much bleaker.

Nrama: The Guardians of the Galaxy movie showed a very different Yondu for fans; will Michael Rooker’s portrayal of Yondu have any effect on the Yondu you’re depicting here?

Abnett: I don’t want to reset or deny any previous original Guardians continuity (and the time-related part of the story will serve me well for that, in that I can account for, and fix, any and all contradictions), but Yondu has to be Yondu. Mr. Rooker’s wonderful portrayal will be there in my mind, and may make ‘our’ Yondu seem a little tougher, but I am being true to the character’s comic personality first and foremost. Hey, maybe I’ll explain the Rooker alternative version along the way?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: Joining the classic quartet of Vance, Yondu, Starhawk, Martinex and Charlie-27 is a new character named Geena Drake. What’s her story?

Abnett: Geena (name in honor of original creators Gene Colan and Arnold Drake) first appeared in that set-up short. She’s a human, from Earth, with no obvious powers, and she is rescued from a Badoon labor camp by the Guardians. Starhawk has seen something in her, something that may be crucial to identifying and unravelling the time-related problem. She may have powers after all… greater powers than anyone realizes.

Nrama: Last time you put your spin on a Guardians book, it ended up being a movie. Do you see movie potential in these, the original Guardians?

Abnett: Of course. They’re great characters. Two Guardians of the Galaxy movie franchises? I don’t know about that. Guest stars in the movie franchise… that’d work splendidly! [laughs]

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