Report: Warner Bros. Closing in on SUICIDE SQUAD Director

Credit: DC Comics

Can you tell that DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns is a busy man? With multiple television and movie projects in the works, it seems like we’re getting, oh, at least two stories a day from DCE and Warner Bros.

After Supergirl was confirmed for TV with CBS early on Friday, Friday afternoon brought some DC Comics based movie news. Suicide Squad is one of the DC Comics films with a release date placeholder, says Variety, with David Ayer as WB’s pick to direct the movie. They cite Ayers’ “dark and edgy” eye as a fit for the movie. No level of talks or contract confirmation came directly from Warners, however.

The Suicide Squad has had a public boost after appearing in both the game Batman: Arkham Origins (albeit, mostly as a tease at the end of the game), and getting their own spotlight episode of Arrow on The CW. A comic book relaunch with a fresh #1 over the summer capped off a year of publicity. The team typically features b-list and c-list villains with one or two heavy hitters. The villains are conscripted by a government agency to run missions they wouldn’t give to anyone they cared about, hence the “Suicide” part. Officially called Task Force X, they’re the ultimate black ops and networks squad.

No timeline for release was given.

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