Marvel Heroes 2015’s ROGUE is the Rogue That Fans Have Been Aching to Touch

Rogue (and Ms. Marvel) in Marvel Heroes 2015
Credit: Gazillion Entertainment

“Many Marvel games have included Rogue, but none have managed to capture the essence of Rogue as closely as Marvel Heroes 2015.” - Jeff “Doomsaw” Donais, Developer on Marvel Heroes 2015.

The super-human power to absorb and use the powers of other super-humans in gaming has always proven to be both attractive from a visual and gameplay aspect and dangerous in its execution. For every Kirby bobbing along in a world specially designed to take advantage of its masticate-and-annihilate gameplay there are a dozen examples (and most of those are in Final Fantasy VI) where the ability to learn or use an enemy’s attacks is ineffective, clumsy or downright broken.

Then there’s the X-Men’s Rogue. An insanely popular character with an iconic look, a compellingly tragic backstory, a powerful ‘gift’ with a tragic twist that elicits empathy from everyone save the most cold-hearted reader, and an Oscar winner who portrays her in the movies, has never really made the leap ‘intact’ into any of the over one hundred X-Men video games developed since the days of the NES.

More often than not, Rogue is either completely sidelined as an NPC, her absorption powers “nerfed” into a simple stat boost/life drain attack, or she can only call on the potent but uninspired flight/strength/invulnerability power-set she absorbed after an infamous encounter with the former Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers.

Now for the first time those looking for the full-on Rogue gameplay experience need look no further than adding her to their Marvel Heroes 2015 roster. The newly released Rogue follows the ARPG’s standard set of three skill branches, each representing a hero’s most prominent aspects like Captain America’s fighting, shield slinging and leadership, except two of Rogue’s entire trees are blank. Labeled “Powers from Friends” and “Powers from Enemies” as Rogue levels she can use more and more of these slots to hold any combination of abilities stolen from any of the game’s 50+ player and boss characters. For example, Cyclops’ Optic Blast, Colossus’ metal skin and Living Laser’s dash attack. Heroes and villains without ‘inborn’ powers grant passive bonus instead, The Punisher’s crusade for vengeance adds damage and Kingpin’s criminal skill increases loot drops.

For her most powerful attacks, Rogue displays the kinds of skills seen in her recent appearances in books like Uncanny X-Men, calling upon multiple abilities and using them in combination like having Magneto’s power call up some iron girders, charging them with energy like Gambit then flinging them around with Jean Grey’s telekinesis. Finally, if push comes to shove her last tree holds all of her Ms. Marvel powers, granting her flight, speed and strength.

Rogue in her Uncanny X-Men costume, as part of the update that included the She-Hulk team-up, the Nightcrawler House of M costume and the Jean Grey rework (all sold separately), is available in the in-game store now for a little under $15 in in-game money solo, or for $20 in real money as part of a pack that grants the iconic 90’s bodysuit with bomber jacket costume and a few other in-game items. She can also be bought with a sizable amount of the currency that’s earned in-game free through loyal play.

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