John Malkovich Joins 'Jonah Hex' Cast

David Michael Beck on Jonah Hex

It will be Jonah Hex vs. Quentin Turnbull.

The film version of DC’s Jonah Hex has gained a little more star power, as Variety reports that John Malkovich has joined the cast of the Western, playing the role of Hex’s nemesis for the film. Josh Brolin will star as the titular character – the scarred and haunted bounty hunter.

Legendary Pictures, the trade reports, has joined Jonah Hex as both co-financier and co-producer.

Malkovich will play Turnbull: “a wealthy Southern plantation owner whose son is killed by Union soldiers during the Civil War. He blames Hex, a former confederate soldier-turned-hardened bounty hunter and gunslinger.”

Long-time Hex fans will know the name – Virginia plantation owner Quentin Turnbull first appeared in 1974’s Weird Western Tales #22, created by Michael Fleisher and Tony DeZuniga. In the original story, Hex surrendered to Union Army, but refused to divulge where the Confederate soldiers with whom he served were camped. By examining the dirt on the hooves of Hex’s horse, the Union soldiers were able to determine from where Hex had ridden, allowing them to find ht soldiers and massacre them. Turnbull’s son, Jeb (Hex’s best friend) was among those killed, and saw Hex as a traitor who gave the Union the information, and was therefore responsible for his son’s death.

Turnbull and Hex tussled numerous times in the comics, with Turnbull sending many charismatic criminals (such as El Papagayo and The Chameleon.) after the bounty hunter to kill him.

Jimmy Hayward will direct the film based on the script by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (Crank). Production is slated to begin in April.

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