UPDATE: DC Co-Publishers Tease April 2015 Event, 'Break From Our Line'

Blood Moon teaser
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Update: Dan DiDio and Jim Lee are once again teasing the April 2015 event, this time confirming (albeit somewhat inadvertently) that it will exist outside of the regular story lines happening in the New 52 ongoing series currently. In this week’s DC All Access video, the Co-Publishers stressed the importance of Futures End: Booster Gold and Superman: Doomed #2 as well as the main Superman title for upcoming events in 2015 in the DCU as a whole.

But then, DiDio specifically said that after March of next year, “we take a little break from our line” in a throwaway answer about what happens to Swamp Thing after Soule leaves that month. That’s the first real confirmation that a “band-aid” event, as comic book rumor site BleedingCool dubbed it, will occur in April 2015.

Original Story: What is "Blood Moon?"

The two words were first teased by DC Comics in April, when the publisher was promoting its The New 52: Futures End weekly. The teaser image (above) for the series said, "When Futures End…The Blood Moon Shall Rise!"

At first, there was some suspicion that the phrase might refer to the actual "blood moon" that appeared during a lunar eclipse in mid-April in North and South America (about the same time the teaser was released).

But most of us knew DC had a reason for choosing those words beyond just the astronomy tie-in. Could it refer to the red skies associated with DC's much-hyped Crises of the past? Might it reference the WildStorm character Bloodmoon? Or could it be a whole new thing related to DC's weeklies that we haven't figured out yet?

Then in July, well-known blogger Heidi MacDonald from The Beat tweeted from Comic-Con International that "DC's fill-in moving event is officially called 'Blood Moon.'"

True "Fill-In?"

By "moving event," MacDonald means the time period — around April and May 2015 — when DC is moving offices from its long-time publishing headquarters in New York to the main DC Entertainment (and Warner Bros.) offices in Burbank.

Presumably, the words "fill-in" refer to the fact that DC will have few editors able to work diligently during that time, as they clear out the old East Coast offices and set up their new ones on the West Coast. It's also likely that there will be some editorial shake-ups during April and May, as some assignments get shifted among existing editors or doled out to newly hired California staff members — all of whom will need to be brought up-to-speed.

Ideally, this type of "fill-in" would require the "Blood Moon" event comics to be edited and possibly even finished ahead of time, so the customers will still get comics each week during April and May — so readers get their fix on DC comics, remaining unaware of the fact that DC's editorial offices are in flux.

Weekly Follow-Up?

Blood Moon could presumably follow up on concepts or characters utilized during the course of DC's three weeklies, since DC teased that it would come "after Futures End." And as we know, all three of DC's weeklies are ending in March. (Futures End and Earth 2: Worlds End are finishing on the same day in the final week of March, and Batman Eternal is taking a hiatus after its current story wraps up in March.)

It would also make sense for the Blood Moon story to either come out every week, or have some type of tie-in(s) every week, because it's starting to look like all DC's current monthlies might also take a break — either going on hiatus, or publishing Blood Moon tie-ins. (So far, every ongoing DC writer that we've been able to commit to a story length has admitted their current storyline wraps up in or before, March 2015.)

One of the big events that we know is coming up is the "War of the Worlds" that involves Apokolips, Earth 2 and the Main DCU Earth. In the Futures End weekly, we've been told that five years in the future (although keep in mind that it's only a potential future), there has already been a war against Darkseid, in which the main DCU Earth heroes teamed up with the heroes of Earth 2 to fight against Apokolips.

The results of the upcoming war? Earth 2 was destroyed, and now its inhabitants are treated like aliens in the main DC Earth.

While that exact scenario doesn't necessarily have to happen (it could be prevented, and the future changed)… the title "Earth 2: World's End" certainly implies that a world is ending, meaning the future teased by Futures End definitely seems like more than just a pipe dream.

Credit: DC Comics

Now, keep in mind that the "War of the Worlds" might be contained fully in the October-launching Earth 2: World's End weekly. Or… it might not. Either way, we have to believe the weeklies will have some influence on what happens with Blood Moon.

Crisis Time?

Of course, there's also this looming anniversary that everyone keeps talking about — April marks the 30th anniversary of the launching of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the 1985 mini-series that reset continuity and eliminated the DC Multiverse.

Earlier this week, DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio posted on his Facebook page a reminiscence about the last time he published an anniversary comic to commemorate DC's "Crisis."

"Definitely one of the highlights of my time at DC, but it gets me thinking, has it really been almost ten years since then, and maybe its time to do it one better.”

It's clear that DC not only knows about the upcoming anniversary, but intends to do something about it. When Newsarama point blank asked DiDio about it, he nervously laughed, then said, "I… I… you know, um… you're kidding!!" When we asked about the significance of the end dates for the weeklies, he admitted, “Everything that we do is significant.”

So it's becoming obvious that DC is planning a Crisis sometime in 2015. Is Blood Moon that Crisis? Or does it only set up things for a Crisis?

Either way, the implication is that Blood Moon might not only serve as a crossover between Earth 2 and DC's Prime Earth, but it might open the door for a crossover with the pre-New 52 universe and other long-lost earths — something that would surely make DC fans' heads explode.

Grant Morrison has provided DC fans with a "Map of the Multiverse," which reveals all the alternate universes contained in DC's Multiverse.

Full-color Map of the Multiversity
Full-color Map of the Multiversity
Credit: DC Comics

However, Earths 14, 24, 25, 27, 28, 46 and 49 are still unexplained.

Just this week, Newsarama revealed that Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Howard Porter are creating their own alternate, pre-New 52-related earth in Justice League 3000.

Credit: DC Comics

Are there other pre-New 52 earths out there in the DC Multiverse? Could there be a universe where the DC Universe from August 2011, the one that existed before Flashpoint rebooted everything, is still going strong?

And could a this supposed "Blood Moon" story bring that pre-Flashpoint Earth in contact with the New 52 one?

Not Darkseid War

It should also be noted that one former theory that many readers had about DC's "Crisis" got shot out of the water yesterday. Although the Anti-Monitor that showed up at the end of Forever Evil was expected by many DC-watchers to be part of a new Crisis, it's looking like the villain is reserved for something completely different.

Geoff Johns, DC's chief creative officer and the writer of the ongoing monthly series Justice League, said in an interview with IGN yesterday that the Anti-Monitor will be utilized in one of his storylines.

It will be called "The Darkseid War," and it happens within Justice League next year.

That confirms that the Anti-Monitor will most likely not be part of a big, separate DC event in April or May — which probably means neither the Anti-Monitor nor Darkseid will be part of Blood Moon, nor would they be part of DiDio's teased "Crisis."

Forever Evil #7 spoilers
Forever Evil #7 spoilers
Credit: DC Comics

In a way, it's a surprising revelation. But in another way, it makes sense, because one would expect DC to create a new Crisis for the New 52 — not just one that mimics the 1985 event.

Could Blood Moon (if that's what the April/May event is truly called) be that Crisis? Wouldn't the red skies promised by a Crisis create a "blood"-colored moon? Or does Blood Moon serve more as a set-up for a Crisis-themed event in, say, September 2015, when DC will surely need another sales-boost after three years of September events?

For long-time DC fans, there's also the promise within the word "Crisis" that readers might see some of the New 52 revamped. While we don't expect a complete reboot so soon after the New 52 event (after all, this universe isn't even five years old yet)… a "Crisis" involving various universes — and the pre-Flashpoint universe in particular — might give DC the chance to combine the best of the old DCU with the best of the new.

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