STARLIN Pits THANOS Vs. HULK in New Series

Thanos Vs. Hulk
Credit: Marvel Comics

Originally announced earlier this year as the follow-up to Alan Davis’ series launching Savage Hulk story arc, cosmic-specialist Jim Starlin’s Thanos Vs. Hulk four-issue storyline will instead be published as its own limited series beginning in December.

Described back in March as “crazy fun and action packed and super detailed,” according to Marvel the storyline takes place before the events of Starlin’s recent Thanos projects Thanos Annual #1 and Thanos: The Infinity Revelation, and the self-contained storyline will be accessible to new readers who only need to know who the Hulk and Marvel’s reigning top villain are.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Starlin is basing his Hulk on the Mark Waid’s indestructible version (the state of the art Hulk when Starlin wrote the story), with the only difference being his Hulk’s hair will be longer.

Credit: Marvel Comics

The story begins with Pip the Troll abducting the Hulk in order to trade him for something he really wants that Annihilus has.

“Buyer’s regret sets in and the story continues onward,” Starlin tells

“[Annihilus] wants the Hulk/Banner for his own nefarious reasons. Telling you any more than that would prove a spoiler. I'm using him in the story because he’s already a great villain that could be even scarier than he already is.”

Starlin promises guest appearances by Iron Man, “certain members of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” and the “usual suspects” (the Savage Hulk announcement promised Blastaar) hanging around Starlin’s Bar, a location he says “ego” drove him to add to the story.

That bar, Earth, the Negative Zone, and a location that may or may not be Bruce Banner’s psyche are the stories main settings. “So the scope is rather large and diverse,” promised Starlin.

Credit: Marvel Comics
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