Justice League #36 cover by Jason Fabok
Justice League #36 cover by Jason Fabok
Credit: DC Comics

In a new interview with IGN, superstar writer and DCE CCO Geoff Johns talks about the future of the Justice League, including the big 2015 story arc The Darkseid War, which will be contained in the pages of the monthly title and not a line-wide event like Forever Evil.

First up is “The Amazo Virus,” the October-launching story arc that finds Justice Leaguer Lex Luthor trying to put his past behind him and finding you just can’t escape it because you join Superman and Batman’s team. The Amazo Virus – which attacks Metahumans - is a skeleton in Luthor's closet that gets out.

The story arc also finds the team preparing for the arrival/invasion of whatever destroyed the Crime Syndicate’s Earth 3 in Forever Evil.

“We know that Darkseid's returning to the Justice League too, and those two are set on a collision course,” Johns tells IGN. “So we're essentially building up to a big storyline next year called The Darkseid War that will kind of be the end cap to the first big chapter of the New 52 Justice League. Out of that will be -- that's going to be a pretty massive storyline, and that's Darkseid versus the Anti-Monitor with the Justice League caught in between, which is a pretty big story.”

In other Justice League news, Johns confirms that Power Ring will indeed “be brought into the Justice League” as seen on new series artist Jason Fabook’s cover to Justice league #36, but that a “Green Lantern proper” will also “eventually” return to the League, but Johns wouldn’t say when or which one.

That said, Johns also told IGN the new Green Lantern he created Simon Baz will continue to have a place in the New 52 DCU.

“Yes, there are plans for Simon,” he said. “He's a great character, and I have a lot of plans for him moving forward. I hinted at Jessica and Simon's relationship in Green Lantern #20 a long time ago, and that will develop into something with Justice League as Simon comes into his own a bit more as Earth's Green Lantern. I don't want to spoil what happens, but, yes, he'll be a very prominent character in the book.”

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