Mark Valley Cast as 'The Human Target'

Blog@: Human Target Returns to TV?

A television version of DC/Vertigo’s The Human target has taken another step towards reality, as The Hollywood Reporter named Mark Valley as the actor to portray the title character, Christopher Chance. As reported earlier, the project was picked up by Fox and will be produced by Warner Bros Television, DC Comics and McG’s Wonderland production company.

Valley’s character assumes the identity of individuals in danger, becoming a “human target” or his clients while he tries to discover why the person is being threatened, and by whom. Created by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino in 1972, the character first saw life in the DC Universe alongside Batman and other “street level” detectives and private investigators. In more recent years, the character has moved to the Vertigo imprint where Christopher Chance was revived by writer Peter Milligan for an original graphic novel, a four issue miniseries, and an ongoing series that lasted 21 issues.

The new pilot (and hopeful series) will mark the second time the character has seen the small screen. Rick Springfield portrayed Chance in a short-lived 1992 television series.

Speaking of Valley, the commitment to the pilot continues his run in genre television, as he appeared on Fox’s Fringe this season. Valley was also selected by Newsarama readers as the actor that they would like to see portray Captain America in Marvel’s forthcoming First Avenger: Captain America movie.

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