Is DC Comics' New POWER GIRL Joining the TEEN TITANS?

Kenneth Rocafort Draws the New Power Girl (Behind his sketch book!)
Credit: Kenneth Rocafort

When a new Power Girl was introduced in August's Worlds' Finest #26, writer Paul Levitz told Newsarama that DC had "specific plans" for her.

Now comes the first indication of what those plans might be. On his Twitter, Teen Titans artist Kenneth Rocafort tweeted yesterday a partially obscured image of a group of characters— including the new Power Girl.

Could Power Girl be joining the Teen Titans?

The New Power Girl?
The New Power Girl?
Credit: DC Comics

The new Power Girl is a black teenager named Tanya Spears, one of the "most intelligent 17-year-olds on the planet," who also happens to be the daughter of Power Girl Karen Starr's deceased assistant.

In the last issue of Worlds' Finest, after Karen Starr returned to Earth 2, Tanya discovered that she has super strength and invulnerability — and concurrently found out that Karen left Tanya the Power Girl name in her will.

According to our interview with Levitz about the new character, DC editors asked Levitz to create in Worlds' Finest a teenage Power Girl who was a "young woman of color."

"They have some very specific plans for her," Levitz said.

In Rocafort's revealed image, Tanya is wearing the costume teased on the cover of this week's Worlds' Finest: Futures End #1 — a costume that includes the signature "cleavage window" suit worn by Karen Starr.

The other characters in the tweeted Rocafort image don't look like recognizable members of the current Teen Titans, but because Tanya appears to be fighting against them, they may be new villains. (One robotic looking leg that's shown in the image could even be the robotic figure teased on the covers of Teen Titans #3 and #4.

Teen Titans was just relaunched in July with a new #1 and new creative team, including Rocafort and writer Will Pfeifer. Currently, the members of the Titans are Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Bunker and Beast Boy, although Pfeifer told Newsarama in July that the team's roster would be "mixed up soon enough."

Of course, the image isn't necessarily a page from Teen Titans — Rocafort could be working on another comic, or even on a commission. (But it's hard to imagine a commission featuring obscure characters in battle.)

Newsarama's inquiry to DC about the image has gone unanswered.

If Tanya is not only going to show up in Teen Titans, but also join the team, then her addition would give the group a "Super"-type character — something currently missing.

It would also explain why, when Newsarama asked Pfeifer about the lack of a "Super" or Flash character, he said, "what we probably should be saying is 'There’s no teen hero from the Superman family or the Flash family – yet.' Something is in the works, but I don’t think it’s along the lines of what anyone is expecting."

The addition of Tanya would also give Pfeifer the chance to form much of her character. Levitz told Newsarama he purposely left many things about the new Power Girl open-ended for future writers to invent — including the source of her powers, the identity of her father, and how Karen Starr knew the young genius would need the name Power Girl.

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