DC Comics Co-Publisher Hints at NEW 52 CRISIS Event Once More

Late Sunday night, Dan DiDio threw a little lighter fluid on the fire of the New 52 “Crisis” rumors.

DiDio's decade-old Crisis Counseling column
DiDio's decade-old Crisis Counseling column
Credit: DC Comics

The co-Publisher at DC Comics posted an image of his “Crisis Counseling column,” on his Facebook page, from when he wrote an editorial (as Executive Editor at the time) saying, “We are counting down to INFINITE CRISIS, the sequel to CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, one the greatest comics stories ever told. Its changes will be far-reaching and its effects everlasting. Promise.”

Attached to the image was a poignant comment by DiDio, saying, “Definitely one of the highlights of my time at DC, but it gets me thinking, has it really been almost ten years since then, and maybe its time to do it one better.”

Grammatical typos aside, it’s clear that DiDio is hinting at the Crisis Anniversary event we’ve been speculating on and reporting on for months. April 2015 sees the 30th anniversary of the original event comic, and all of the weeklies either end (Earth 2: World’s End and Futures End) or are “suspended” (Batman Eternal) in March 2015.

When Newsarama asked DiDio last April about the Anniversary, he said, “I… I… you know, um… you're kidding!! [Laughs.]” Of course, when asked about the significance of the end dates for the weeklies, he did concede, “Everything that we do is significant.”

You can bet that Facebook post last night was significant, too.

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