Our Favorite Cosplay at DRAGONCON 2014


Cosplay, or costume play, or "dressing up" used to be reserved for the really bold, and at times the most hardcore of fans. In recent years, the cosplay scene has exploded with shows like Heroes of Cosplay, and its cast making the publicity rounds. Not to mention the cultural fascination with the hobby seems to have made everybody step up their game, collectively. Long gone are the days of the Ben Cooper-type costumes, with more and more fans becoming part of the cosplay community – just take a look at this giant Marvel megashot. Atlanta's annual DragonCon, sometimes called "CosplayCon" is considered the Mecca to show off your new costume and wares.

Here at Newsarama, we compiled a list of ten of our favorite. Not a "top ten" in anyway, it's not a contest here, but the costumes that stuck with us for the remainder of the weekend.

Famed photographer Pat Loika allowed Newsarama to have access to his gallery (including the picture to your left) and permission to show you the best shots available for the costumes listed (with some pictures by Newsarama staff too) to give you an idea of the time that went into all the details of each costume here.

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