Dick & Helena Get Close in GRAYSON: FUTURES END #1 Preview

Grayson - Futures End #1

Sure it's against SPYRAL rules but does SPYRAL even exist in the Futures End-five years from now DCU? Either way, here's a Newsarama-exclusive preview of Grayson: Futures End #1.

Plus you can check out another exclusive preview of Green Lantern: Futures End #1 and the Detective Comics and Earth 2 one-shots, and the Action Comics: Futures End #1 preview that may or may not feature the New 52 debut of Donna Troy.

Advance solicit • On sale SEPTEMBER 3
32 pg, FC • RATED T
3-D Motion Edition: $3.99 US
2-D Standard Edition: $2.99 US
Branded a traitor, Dick Grayson has become the most powerful hero in the newly resurgent and dominant Mother Russia – and now, he must battle the Beast from the East in one final struggle for supremacy!

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