THE VALIANT #1 First Look: Paolo Rivera's Interiors as Eternal Warrior Recruits an Army

The Valiant #1

Jeff Lemire. Matt Kindt. Paolo Rivera. No, we’re not talking about a new series from Marvel or DC Comics - it’s a new mini-series from Valiant Comics launching in December 2014 called The Valiant.

The series will be four issues, prestige format, and co-written by Lemire and Kindt with full interior art by Rivera. The event comic centers around the Eternal Warrior, a character in Valiant history who basically is Valiant history - he’s like The Watcher and Vandal Savage combined into the ultimate hero. in support of his quest to save the world, this time he recruits an army - of sorts. It includes his brother, the drunken expert at falling into horrible situations Armstrong, the genetically engineered warrior Bloodshot, and the latest Geomancer - a long line of people watching over Earth who work with the Eternal Warrior across ten thousand years.

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