First Look: Marvel October HASBRO Variant Covers

Marvel Comics Habro variants

Variant cover themes featuring toy versions of superheroes has become a thing at the two major publishers, and preceding DC's Lego cover theme in November will be Marvel's series of Hasbro-themed variant covers in October.

As the name suggests, the covers take familiar Marvel covers and replaces the illustrated heroes with their Hasbro action figure counterparts.

Here's a Newsarama-exclusive first look at three of the October covers including Deathlok #1, Guardians of the Galaxy #20, and Uncanny X-Men #27, along with the full list of October Hasbro variants:

·         Amazing Spider-Man #7
·         All-New X-Men #33
·         Avengers #36
·         Captain America #25
·         Deathlok #1
·         Guardians of the Galaxy #20
·         Hulk #7
·         Legendary Star-Lord #4
·         Rocket Raccoon #4
·         Uncanny X-Men #27

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