BIG HERO 6 Comes to DISNEY INFINITY 2.0: Hiro and Baymax Officially Revealed

Hiro and Baymax figures on the Disney Infinity Base
Credit: Disney Interactive

It officially official: Hiro and Baymax from Big Hero 6 are coming to Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition this fall. The pair of characters are the stars of the new movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios, the first follow-up project since last year's megahit, Frozen.

Revealed initially at the Disney Infinity Toy Box Summit, the characters showed up at the end of the intro video for the new game, showing their long-suspected presence. What's slightly more complicated is why exactly the characters are on the Disney Originals side of things.

You see, Big Hero 6 started as a team in Marvel Comics, even getting a handful of comics of their own. When the team and concept went to Walt Disney Animation Studios, however, they were altered and made into a new set of characters "based on concepts by Marvel Comics" instead of being a direct adaptation. The storyline of the film will be brand-new as well. In fact, Marvel isn't even publishing new Big Hero 6 comics to go along with the film - Kodansha is making new manga of the series, based on Disney's version.

So this is a way that the Disney Originals side of things gets their own new Superhero characters (joining of course the Incredibles from 1.0), and Marvel gets to have a little pseudo-crossover into the Disney side.

In addition to the Hiro and Baymax figures, a "Chem Capsule Power Disc" will give players the ability to freeze enemies in a cold mist. Check out the trailer, and Disney's official description of the pair below.

•        Hiro: From the heart of San Fransokyo into Toy Box 2.0 comes the brilliant robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada, who created “Big Hero 6.” The inventor of mind-controlled microbots uses his brain as his most powerful weapon.

•        Baymax:  There is no robot better suited for the Disney Infinity Toy Box 2.0 than the plus-sized inflatable Baymax. While this robot might have a huggable side, he definitely packs a hard armor shell. His Kung Fu fighting moves can ward off even the fiercest of enemies. His rocket fist, super strength and thrusters are unmatched.

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