NYCC '09 - A Quick Spider-Man Chat With Kevin Maguire

As announced Sunday at Marvel’s “Mondo Marvel” panel at New York Comic Con, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers will join forces with artist Kevin Maguire on Spider-Man: The Short Halloween. Hader and Meyers are known for their work on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, so that pairing was a natural. But as for Maguire?

Well, he was a natural too. We caught up with the acclaimed artist for a few words.

Newsarama: First off Kevin, for fans who follow Seth, you being on this project isn't that much of a surprise, as he's a big fan of yours, and you've given him a couple of pieces of art over the years which he, to this day, makes a big deal over. How did you first meet him?

Kevin Maguire: Well, I do improv every week. Afterwards we go to a specific bar. As this was the last improv of the year, the libations were flowing a bit more readily. Seth was having his birthday party there the same night. Many of my friends were going up to him during the course of the evening and wishing him a happy birthday. At one point, he was about three feet away from me, so I wished him one as well. He said thanks and asked me if, like my friends, I was an actor as well. I said "Nope, I'm a comic book artist" He asked me who I was. I told him. Then he got me to do a Blue Beetle sketch on a napkin.

NRAMA: Had the two of you spoken about the possibility of doing a project together before this, or did this come up relatively suddenly?

KM: Originally, I was contacted by the editor just to do the cover. The book was supposed to come out late October and they were justifiably nervous about me meeting that deadline. When the late October deadline was scrapped in favor of a more open ended deadline, I was given the opportunity to do it.

NRAMA: Bill and Seth are writing this, but are you pitching in on any of the story as well?

KM: None whatsoever. The story I was given was very tight.

NRAMA: Seeing your work in comics is always a thrill, but lately, it's been here and there. What else are you up to these days?

KM: I'm going to do a split book monthly, the first of which is coming out in August. It'll be Giffen, DeMatties, and I doing Metal Men. The other half will be Giffen and Matthew Clark doing Doom Patrol. I think Metal Men is an absolutely perfect fit for us and I'm told it was one of the quickest project approvals DC ever did. Giffen pitched it to DiDio. DiDio, being a Metal Men fan called me. I loved the idea. Paul Levitz liked it. So here we are. Though at the time DiDio called me about it, I was at the dog park picking up my dog's crap, so we'll just have to see if that's some kind of omen.

NRAMA: Finally - back on Spider-Man, anything you can hint to us about what to look for in your panels? Any cameos?

KM: You won't believe how many cameos there are... sort of. The story takes place in the Village on Halloween, so panels are jam packed with Sarah Palins, Blues Brothers, Indiana Joneses, and so forth…

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