Could Rupert Murdoch’s Failed Bid To Acquire Time Warner Result in MARVEL-DC Merger?

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Credit: DC Comics/Marvel Comics

It’s something to keep an eye on, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In a new story speculating who will be the next person to try to acquire media giant Time Warner (parent company of Warner Bros. which in turn controls DC Comics & DC Entertainment), in the wake of Rupert Murdoch withdrawing a controversial $80 billion dollar bid, the Hollywood trade identifies the wealthiest person in China – commercial real estate giant the Dalian Wanda Group chairman Wang Jianlin as a potential dark horse suitor.

Though the Dalian Wanda Group reportedly denied interest in acquiring Time Warner., it’s already the owner of AMC Entertainment, the second-largest theater chain in the U.S., which it acquired in 2015 for $2.6 billion, and THR speculates other recent activity by Wang in the U.S. could signal a potential bid.

But if the obstacles to an acquisition move, including trade regulations between the U.S and China proved too difficult, THR identifies three other “suitors-in-waiting,” the first being Disney, now of course the parent company of Marvel Comics & Studios.

“The prospect of combining Disney's Marvel with Time Warner's DC Comics might be too compelling to ignore, plus CNN would give Disney the cable news asset it lacks,” writes THR. “Disney's market cap as of Aug. 8 was $149 billion compared with Time Warner's $63 billion, which gives Disney CEO Bob Iger more leverage than Murdoch might have had."

So what do you think readers? If Warner Bros. found itself under control of Disney, would you be in favor of merging the Marvel and DC comic book and cinematic Universes, or do you think the speculative media super-giant would or should keep the properties separate for all time? Let us know on Facebook.

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