NYCC '09 - FIRST LOOK: Cassaday's Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes #1 cover by John Cassaday

Publisher Nick Barrucci opened the Dynamite panel with little preamble, by taking questions from the audience.

The first fan wanted to know the next plan for Project Superpowers after the Masquerade miniseries, and Barrucci confirmed that there will be another crossover series, 13 issues in length including a #0 issue. He also noted that they are trying to make the first issue another full-length comic for $1.

Garth Ennis is always a popular writer with comic fans, so an early question was whether any more Ennis books are planned.

“I call Garth periodically, and when I see him, I beg and plead for more comics. Yes, we will be working with him again,” Barrucci said.

The next Ennis project after Battlefields will be Herogasm, a six-issue series, coming out in May. “That is a lot of fun,” Barrucci promised.

Another upcoming project for Dynamite will be Sherlock Holmes, Leah Moore and John Reppion are writing, and a new artist named Aaron Campbell will be on interior art, with covers by John Cassaday. Barrucci noted that Sherlock Holmes and Dracula are the two literary characters with the most adaptations, and of course a fan joked, “Do a crossover!”

“My last idea, which was let's have the Terminator become a vampire and then Ash will have to rescue Red Sonja...” Barrucci joked of the constant crossovers between Dynamite licensed characters.

John Cassaday will also be doing covers for the new Blackbeard comic, which the Dynamite crew promised will be along the same lines of the Lone Ranger, a reworking of the Blackbeard legend.

“It's really the purest vision I've ever had the chance to realize,” James Kuhoric said of his Dead Irons project, with art by Jason Alexander and covers by Jae Lee.

When asked about the Wolverine movie, Jeff Katz, formerly of FOX studios, said, “The mantra on the movie was 'Badass,'” and said that it was the “darkest and most personal and most character-driven of those movies, for sure.”

“You never know who breakout characters in a movie are,” Katz continued, in response to a question about a possible Gambit or Deadpool movie.

Moving back to the film world for a minute, Katz laughed, “Snakes on a Plane is in the Museum of Modern Art for its 'societal relevance.'”

He then pointed out that he left Fox, and making films like Snakes of his own free will. He said that his decision to leave was an experiment he could afford to make at his age, and so it was a time to try to get out ahead of the changing media landscape. Katz continued, “The models of these businesses [film, comics] are fundamentally changing.”

One fan wanted to know if Bruce Campbell was a fan of the Army of Darkness comics and the general consensus from the panel was that he is not. Nevertheless, the rest of the audience was happy to hear more about the upcoming Army of Darkness storylines, and at least the possibility of a Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash 2.

“Everyone wanted The Boys,” Barrucci said, “The only one other than DC who couldn't have published it was Marvel.”

The Boys I'm definitely proud of because when I got that project, I better not look at any scripts, better not look at any art, and just when it comes in, I'm reading it,” Barrucci said, “And now we're halfway there. Issue #30 is going to be the halfway mark.”

“The reason why you like The Boys, the reason you like some of [Ennis's] other books, is because he's not doing Red Sonja just to do Red Sonja. If he doesn't feel it, he doesn't do it,” Barrucci summed up.

“Doing the comics first, doing great comics, working with great creators, that's job number one,” Barrucci said when asked about movie adaptations of other original Dynamite titles.

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