Gunn Gives GUARDIANS Secrets, Sequel Details, Next MCU Expansion May Move Quickly

James Gunn
James Gunn
Credit: Marvel Studios

If there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that James Gunn loves Guardians of the Galaxy, and loves his Marvel comics (especially the cosmic side). Thanks to a chat with Empire, Gunn got the opportunity to talk about some of the easter eggs and secrets of the film in a most spoiler-filled way.

SPOILERS for Guardians from here on out.

While he only appeared clearly in the after-credits scene, Howard the Duck can be spotted in The Collector’s museum during the latter character’s first appearance. There are also Slither creatures (from Gunn’s film), the confirmed Adam Warlock cocoon, a Dark Elf, and “all sorts of characters from other Marvel movies.” Gunn points out as well that it’s not the character’s only museum, “just the Knowhere wing.”

As for Howard’s full appearance in the stinger, Gunn said Kevin Feige called it “f*cking crazy!” enthusiastically. Gunn said that it doesn’t mean the character will show up again, but that he could, maybe with Seth Green coming back to voice him again.

As for other tidbits, James Gunn did confirm that Peter Quill’s film father will not be J’Son, the emperor of Spartax, like it is in the comics. “It’s definitely not the character who it is in the comics, I’ll say that much,” the writer-director said definitively. The character will be part of the sequel, due in theaters July 28, 2017. Baby Groot dancing was “motion referenced” by Gunn himself, so now you have an idea of his moves. Josh Brolin was fully motion captured as Thanos, “the only thing in the movie that was actually motion captured.” More in the podcast at the link above.

Meanwhile, the next major expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe might be further along than many would think. A report from Collider says that Inhumans is moving forward with a script by joe Robert Cole. The movie was mentioned as a possibility in the MCU several years ago, and as we reported, Vin Diesel sure seemed to be teasing that he could be up for a role in an eventual film. Collider says the current script is going forward, but don’t have any details from the script about characters or story lines.

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