SIERRA Officially Returns, Brings Storied Video Game Franchise Along

Credit: Sierra / Activision

Everything old is new again! Thanks to Activision, Sierra is back, as was just announced at Gamescom in Köln, Germany. Sierra will be a publishing division of the games giant, working with indie developers like The Odd Gentlemen and Lucid Games.

The first game under the returned Sierra brand will be Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions from Lucid Games, giving a new chapter featuring “full 3D action” and coop and competitive multiplayer. The single-player campaign won’t be ignored though, with 50 challenges and 10 modes (five are brand new).

But let’s be honest here, that’s burying the lede.

The Odd Gentlemen is working on a new game for 2015, and that game is called: King’s Quest! One of Sierra’s most celebrated franchises from the 80s and 90s, King’s Quest will return with an all-new chapter, reimagining the series, and original founder of Sierra Ken Williams is “excited to see what The Odd Gentlemen will do” with the game.

From the press release: “Huge fans of the original King’s Quest series, The Odd Gentlemen are crafting a charming new adventure with an awe-inspiring art style, engaging puzzles, and a wondrous interactive narrative brimming with humor. In the new story, King Graham – revered as the greatest adventurer to ever live – shares his life’s adventures with his curious granddaughter, Gwendolyn. It is through these tales that Gwendolyn discovers the true greatness of her grandfather.”

Look for more on King’s Quest and Sierra’s return soon. And start the letter-writing campaign for more Quest for Glory, Space Quest, Police Quest, etc., etc.

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