YOUNG JUSTICE Comes to Blu-ray... Today!

Young Justice on Blu-Ray
Credit: Warner Archive Collection

Consider this your PSA for the day, Young Justice fans: the first season is on Blu-ray... today! The two-disc release collects the first 26 episodes of the series from Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti.

Now, yes, this is the same thing that's already on Netflix, for the most part; it's Young Justice in high definition - but this one doesn't require an internet connection to enjoy. And if you're anxious for more of the series, or even just for season 2 to come home via streaming or disc, then picking this up is the best way to let Warner Bros. know.

And don't forget, we are getting one more piece of YJ on TV soon, as the team comes to Teen Titans GO! for a special crossover episode.

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