SHADOW OF MORDOR Behind-the-Scenes Takes Closer Look at Surprise Character

Credit: WBIE

If you have talked to me at all about video games since E3 2014, chances are we've talked about Shadow of Mordor. That's because it was my surprise game of the show, a game that for the first time in six trips to E3, I lost track of time playing the game, and it caused me to be late to another appointment (sorry, Capcom).

Yes, Shadow of Mordor looks like it will really be the Middle-Earth game that finally cracks the Tolkien formula in a significant and real way. And it just keeps getting cooler. Recently, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment revealed that the wraith who possesses and rises the hero, Talion, from the dead is in fact Celebrimbor, the forger of the rings of power.

Today a new behind-the-scenes video gives you a glimpse of Celebrimbor and Talion's relationship through the eyes of their actors, Alastair Duncan and Troy Baker. The pair even reveal a little more about the story, and Celebrimbor does a nice name drop towards the end of the video.

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