New THE FLASH POSTER, Trailer Hints at TV Multiverse? ARROW Costume Change Coming

The Flash poster
Credit: Thew CW


Credit: Thew CW

Update 8/26: The CW has released a new poster for their October-debuting new series The Flash. Check it out:

Original story August 7, 2014: A new trailer for THE CW’s The Flash will sound familiar to comic book fans. It contains the familiar “My name is Barry Allen and I’m the Fastest Man Alive” rhetorical intro, which actually began as a Wally West catchphrase, and of course was co-opted by Oliver Queen of Arrow for that show's intro.

But could it also be signaling a TV exploration of the DC multiverse?

“Inside your body could be a map to a whole new world,” says a character in voiceover (probably Tom Cavanagh as S.T.A.R. Lab's Harrison Wells)


Here’s the new trailer. The Flash debuts Tuesday, October 7 at 8pm.

ARROW Cast Hints at Changes in Season 3

Perhaps taking a cue from Stephen Amell’s own Facebook presence, the assembled cast of Arrow came together to answer (or not answer) a few questions from fans in a video response posted on The CW YouTube channel. Check out their responses for a couple of things you may have already heard and one new thing about Oliver’s alter ego.

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