Brevoort Talks ORIGINAL SIN & Hints at Whedon Connection

Panel from the Original Sin Finale
Credit: Marvel Comics

Next week Marvel is releasing the penultimate chapter in their summer event series Original Sin, and Marvel Senior Vice-President of Publishing Tom Brevoort took to a chatroom to interact with readers about the series. While he refrained from spoiling the events of next week’s Original Sin #7, he did provide some interesting clues as to where things go next – as well as some un-realized Original Sins for Marvel heroes including one from Avengers director Joss Whedon.

“[T]here were one or two ideas that we didn't get to for assorted reasons, but I don't want to reveal them because we may someday still get to them yet,” Brevoort said in response to a question from a chatroom participant. “There was, for example, a Joss Whedon idea that didn't happen because Joss is busy with a movie or something.”

Brevoort later added that not all of the “Original Sin” secrets have necessarily been revealed, saying that it’s “entirely possible and even likely” that other people will step forward with revelations after Original Sin concludes.

Image from Original Sin #7
Image from Original Sin #7
Credit: Marvel Comics

In last week’s Original Sin #6, it was revealed that Nick Fury was looking for a replacement in his position as “Man On the Wall” protecting Earth against perceived extraterrestrial threats, saying one among the heroes he recruited for the investigation – Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Emma Frost, Ant-Man, the Punisher – is his pick. conducted a poll during the chat of who readers think should take Fury’s place, and the Punisher was the resounding favorite at 46%, followed by a three-way tie of Black Panther, Ant-Man and Doctor Strange at 8% and Emma Frost earning no votes. 31% of fans voted for “Other,” with one person chiming in to predict it would be Winter Soldier – a common prediction given the recently announced new series, Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier. Brevoort shrugged that off, noting the Punisher has a comic series too, and just because the others don’t have a comic series doesn’t preclude them from taking up Fury’s role.

“Maybe nobody will,” Brevoort said about the status of the ‘Man On the Wall’ position,” and the Earth will become more vulnerable. Also the question is, should anybody? Is what Fury's been doing right?”

In response to a question from editor Ben Morse, Brevoort said that virtually all of the machinations of Fury and revelations about his past were from series writer Jason Aaron. There was one, however, that was initiated by Brevoort.

“My one contribution was in suggesting there might have been a ‘Man on the Wall’ before Fury, which led to [Woodrow] McCord,” Brevoort explained.

The Marvel SVP said the naming of the Woodrow McCord character went through several permutations, beginning with Aaron’s idea of ‘Winslow Frost.’ That name, according to Brevoort was shot down as it was found to be a ancestor to Emma Frost that the editor says Aaron "subconsciously remembered from when he was writing X-Men."

Brevoort said the finalized name of Woodrow McCord was named after Marvel editor Wil Moss, but did not give any details as to the connection between the two.

A larger picture of McCord and his tenure will be revealed in the forthcoming Original Sin Annual #1, and Brevoort said that that one-shot will also show McCord’s predecessor and the origin of the position he held.

Brevoort did also mention on several occasions the importance of the upcoming issue of the companion series, Original Sins #5. He says that the whereabouts of “the next Watcher” will be disclosed in that issue, as well as promising a further “big, cool, interesting reveal…”

Getting back to Original Sin itself, the long-time Marvel editor revealed that series artist Mike Deodato turned in the final page of the last issue, Original Sin #8, earlier today, assuring readers an on-time delivery of the rest of the series. The editor also revealed an inked version of the final panel of Original Sin #8, showing a shadowy person with chains walking but revealing no details about the finale itself (seen above).

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