'Medium' Star David Cubitt Cast as Latest ARROW Season 3 DC Superhero

David Cubitt on 'Medium'
David Cubitt on 'Medium'
Credit: NBC
Credit: DC Comics

Another DC Comics hero is coming to Arrow, though this one may have flown under the radar of some modern-day fans. Mark Shaw, aka Manhunter, will join the cast of the series, played by David Cubbit in at least the third episode of the new season. In the show, Shaw will be an A.R.G.U.S. operative who “crosses paths with Diggle,” according to a report by THR.

This is the second “Manhunter” to appear on the show. An attorney named Kate Spencer was already on a few episodes - that character took up the Manhunter mantle years after Shaw in the comics (but isn’t likely to here, since she’s dead and all). He joins Season 3 alongside Ray “The Atom” Palmer, Ted “Wildcat” Grant, Katana, a new more traditional-style Count Vertigo, and of course the as-yet-uncast Ra’s al Ghul, who will be the season’s “big bad.”

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