Sony Says Female-Led SPIDER-MAN Spin-off Coming in 2017

Credit: Marvel Comics

Sony Pictures is eyeing a 2017 release date for another Spider-Man franchise spin-off, but this one won’t be featuring a villain. instead, it’s meant to be a superhero film led by a female hero, though the studio isn’t saying exactly which one just yet.

The news was first reported on Deadline and corroborated by other trades. The report says that Lisa Joy Nolan has been hired to write the movie, and its placement in 2017 - before the newly changed date of Amazing Spider-Man 3 in 2018 - is part of a full retooling/reevaluation of the franchise as a whole as Sony continues to try to push it into a Marvel Cinematic Universe-like world.

As for the other two films previously announced, Sinister Six is still meant to be a 2016 release, taking the original place of ASM3. The film starring Venom is now rumored to be called Venom: Carnage, meaning we could see a showdown between the two symbiotes, and Deadline says that Kurtzman is still on board to direct, despite recently taking up some other jobs.

So what female hero associated with Spider-Man will hit the big screen in just three years? Well, there are several different iterations of characters named Spider-Woman, including characters like Jessica Drew (the first, who also has close association with the Avengers and may thus be in a rights-war with Marvel Studios), Julia Carpenter (again, longtime Avengers member), Mattie Franklin (much closer ties to Spider-Man), plus a villain named Charlotte Witter. There are a few Spider-Girl characters, too, including the possible future daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, named May (not likely unless they decide to go to the future), and Anya Corazon who also went by the name Araña.

As for others? Well, Silver Sable, Black Cat (who has already been introduced into the movie universe - kind of), and Firestar (though she’s both a mutant and one-time Avenger, making her an elusive three-way-tie for studio rights) could all probably hold down a movie on their own. Others like Jackpot and a couple of the side-symbiotes (not to mention clones) could be in the mix as well.

Regardless, by dropping the gauntlet and saying they’ll be using a female superhero as the star of a film, Sony has officially announced such a feat ahead of Marvel Studios and Fox - both of whom have much wider stables of female heroes to choose from.

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