Two-Face 'Creator' Booked For Fox's GOTHAM

Salvatore Maroni
Credit: DC Comics
David Zayas on Dexter
David Zayas on Dexter
Credit: Showtime

Deadline is reporting Friday that actor David Zayas (Dexter) will join the cast of Fox's Gotham in the recurring role of violent mob boss Salvatore Maroni, rival to Carmine Falcone. In the comic books, Maroni is the mobster responsible for throwing acid in the face of Gotham DA Harvey Dent during a trial, leading to the character's transformation into long-time Batman rogue Two-Face.

For now, however, Deadline reports as Maroni "strives to gain more territory in Gotham, he’ll find himself on a crash course with his rival Falcone (John Doman) for control of the city."

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