Marvel Gaming Galaxy Expands with GUARDIANS Tie-ins and More

Credit: Disney Interactive

The Galaxy is a big place and as it turns out the recent release of the Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon mobile game and the announcement that the cosmic anti-heroes are getting their own corner of the Disney Infinity 2.0 ‘toybox’ are only one spiral arm of what is in store for all kinds of Marvel gamers in synergy with the long anticipated movie. Other popular Marvel characters who don't have their own movie coming out are getting in on the fun, as well. Announced at the Marvel Games panel at Comic-Con International San Diego are the following updates and expansions to the surprisingly long list of Marvel titles.

In fact, Disney Infinity 2.0 didn't just announce the new heroes of the Guardians of the Galaxy - no, it's also time to bring on the villains. In their own special announcement and trailer, Loki, Ronan, and Green Goblin were added for the Avengers, Guardians, and Spider-Man playsets respectively. Loki had leaked early and will fit nicely onto the PlayStation collector's edition glowing platform set. Here's their trailer:

For card battlers, the Marvel: War of Heroes digital card game is launching a Raid Event themed around the movie in September after the August Armor Wars Event where players can unlock Guardians cards for their virtual decks. A special event is also planned for the game's second anniversary in October.

More “social” gamers get a Guardians of the Galaxy Spec Op featuring a brand new story by Alex Irvine for the Marvel: Avengers Alliance game that originated on Facebook, but has spread to the wider web and iOS.

Spider-Man Unlimited brings the "Spider-Verse" crossover that's hitting Marvel Comics and the "Web Warriors" multiple Spider-Men coming to the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon to games with a "hand drawn comic-verse and brand new episodic adventure." The free-to-play adventure game hits in September, and features the "most playable Spider-Man characters in any game ever!"

For those who like their color matching puzzle games with a superhero twist, Marvel Puzzle Quest launched a a new Team-Up gameplay feature on July 29th. According to the press release this new feature "brings heroes into battle that aren’t in your roster" and "[provide] a larger selection of Marvel characters for their squad." That's not all, a new episode is starting August 1st featuring the fan favorite Deadpool. Those who complete episode, titled “Deadpool vs. Marvel Puzzle Quest,” will get the merc-with-a-mouth for their roster at the conclusion of the event.

The action RPG Marvel Heroes has been teasing for months (almost from its inception, since Rocket and his summonable companion Groot was a playable character at launch) a host of Guardians content including a playable Star-Lord and AI controlled Team-Ups of Gamora and Drax to round out the team.

Those who play the (digital) silver ball can pick up the new Guardians of the Galaxy table for the Marvel Pinball game from Zen Studios.

Revealed at SDCC is the upcoming Marvel Contest of Champions, a "high action, high fidelity" mobile title that pits icons of the Marvel Universe against each other in one on one battles. While how this combat actually takes place is still a mystery the trailer features several big colorful heroes and villains including Hulk, Juggernaut, Storm, Thor Odinson, Spider-Man, The Vision, the Steve Rodgers Captain America, Black Panther, Deadpool, The Rhino, Cyclops, Iron Man and Daredevil with a script by Sam Humphries (Avengers A.I.)

Finally Guardians of the Galaxy skins will be available for Minecraft and for Xbox Live avatars.

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