Oh. My. Glob. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS: Interviewed!

Credit: Cartoon Network

I have interviewed many great figures in my years at Newsarama: Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman. But while it is grand having those names to drop, I’ve always longed to not just interview those who make great stories… but the characters in them.

That opportunity has come to pass with the release of the new Adventure Time DVD compilation, “Princess Day,” out in stores this week. The set features an all-new episode before it premieres on Cartoon Network this Thursday, where two of Ooo’s most popular characters join forces for the first time. That’s right – when Lumpy Space Princess is dissed by Breakfast Princess on Princess Day, she teams up with Marceline the Vampire Queen to get revenge.

Cartoon Network wanted to promote the compilation, and we got a unique opportunity – to interview Lumpy Space Princess herself…um, with some help from the Adventure Time writers. We assume this means all answers are canon to the show’s continuity; we don’t have a lot of say on that.

Sit back as we pick the brain of Her Purple Majesty, Ooo’s greatest diva and occasional hobo – LSP herself, Lumpy Space Princess, and experience her deepest thoughts. You’ve been warned. Also, check out a special clip from the “Princess Day” episode!

Credit: Cartoon Network

Newsarama:So, LSP, you take the spotlight for "Princess Day," as is the only logical choice for such an occasion. What is your favorite part of Princess Day?

Lumpy Space Princess: All the free food. Duh!

Nrama: You team up with Marceline in this adventure, something we haven't seen before. What's it like working with Marceline? Do you have a favorite album/song by her, and if so, why is it your favorite?

LSP: Marceline’s cool, I guess. She’s definitely more fun than that uppity Breakfast Princess. But I don’t like her music... all she writes are songs about her feelings. Laaame!

Nrama: Aside from yourself, who is your favorite Princess in Ooo and why?

LSP: I’d have to say Turtle Princess. She’s way less lame than the other princesses.

Nrama: You took Ooo by storm with your literary epics "I Wrote A Book!" and "The Prince Who Wanted Everything." What do you find the most rewarding about writing, and can you tell us anything about possible follow-up ideas you might be working on? Our readers are all about the lump-sclusive details!

LSP: The best part of writing is that I’m in control. I can do whatevs I want. I can’t tell you about what I’m working on now – it’s super top secret. But it’s gonna knock your fricken socks off!

Nrama: A great number of your fans recently gathered at San Diego Comic-Con. Have you ever been to that or any comic convention, and if so, did you enjoy the experience and why?

LSP: I’ve heard about this so-called “Comic-Con.” It sounds pretty cool, but I think more people need to dress up as ME!

Credit: Cartoon Network

Nrama: And for those at home foolish enough not to pick up your DVD already, why should they seek out "Princess Day?"

LSP: Because I’m in it! What more do you need?

Nrama: Like all women, you are a beautiful mystery, and yet, it is my duty as an interviewer to try to comprehend that mystery. So, I found some questions by some pre-Mushroom War tranch named "Proost" or something that are supposed to be good for stuff like that, with a few thrown in that are more...you.

Just answer the following as quickly as possible!

Nrama: What do you consider your greatest virtue?

LSP: Everybody loves me.

Nrama: What, if anything, is your greatest fault?

LSP: I don’t understand the question.

Credit: Cartoon Network

Nrama: What do you consider your chief characteristic?

LSP: My lumps.

Nrama: What are your favorite qualities in a man?

LSP: He needs to be hot, like me.

Nrama: What are your favorite qualities in a guuuurrrlll?

LSP: She needs to be hot, like me.

Nrama: Describe your idea of the perfect sandwich.

LSP: B.L.T. – bacon, lettuce and taco.

Nrama: What is your ideal occupation?

LSP: Being a Princess. Duh!

“Princess Day” the episode airs this Thursday at 7 p.m. EST on Cartoon Network, or you can check it out NOW with other classic princess-themed Adventure Time episodes on the new “Princess Day” DVD, in stores today!

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