ARROW Casts WILDCAT for Season 3

Credit: DC Comics

The CW’s DC Universe is increasing by one, as J.R. Ramirez has been cast to play boxing superhero Ted Grant aka Wildcat on season 3 of Arrow. The character was a longtime member of the Justice Society of America, and often trained other heroes how to fight, including Black Canary (who has also appeared on the show) and has even been shown to out-box Batman in some comics.

The character was announced this weekend at Comic-Con, alongside the reveal of Ra’s al Ghul as the “big bad” of the season - he hasn’t been cast yet. It seems to fuel speculation that while the movie universe will have the Justice League, perhaps the TV universe can setup the Justice Society. Of course, the fact that their shows are spread out amongst several networks (longtime JSA member Dr. Fate was teased in the Constantine pilot for NBC for instance), it may happen considerably different than in the comics, and with a changed lineup.

This is Ramirez’s first genre-related role, but he has been in action roles in the past. His character line as reported by Deadline says he’s a “former boxer who now runs a gym for underprivileged youth.” The trade also reports that Wildcat will play a “pivotal role” in Laurel Lance’s story for the season. Another superhero, Ray “The Atom” Palmer is also joining the cast this season, and a largely flashback episode for Felicity Smoak is titled “Oracle,” the name of yet another hero from the DC Universe.

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