Could LUCY Pave The Way For BLACK WIDOW Movie, Bad Robot Takes On Snyder's 'SuperJedi', More

Still from 'Lucy'
John Boyega as Batman
John Boyega as Batman
Credit: Bad Robot

J.J. Abrams Sends A Reply to Zack Snyder’s Superman “SuperJedi” Photo

On the eve of Comic-Con International: San Diego, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder posted a picture of Henry Cavill posed with a lightsaber as Superman. In a response, Bad Robot – Star Wars: Episode VII director J.J. Abrams’ production company – posted on Twitter a picture of one of the upcoming Star Wars film’s stars, John Boyega, as Batman.

Could LUCY Pave The Way for BLACK WIDOW?

Lucy – the Scarlet Johansson-starring sci-fi, action thriller that’s sort of a superhero movie is beating box office expectations. The Luc Besson film is looking to open at $43-$46m this weekend according to the box office trackers, a very strong number for a later summer non-sequel genre property with no built-in Q factor that was budgeted and marketed modestly.

Recall the Marvel Studio-machine backed Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger both opened in the $65m range in 2011. With Black Widow’s well-received co-starring role in April’s hit Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you have to think if they weren't already (and maybe we’ll find out during their Hall H panel Saturday), Marvel has to be looking at those Lucy numbers and strongly considering launching their first solo female superhero movie. 

Warner Bros. Releases James Gordon Character Image To Promote GOTHAM

Gotham is set to premiere on September 22 on Fox, and Warner Bros. TV is looking to inform potential viewers to the characters who’ll be at the center of it – beginning with young James Gordon.

Featuring an original illustration by Batman: Earth One comics artist Gary Frank, IGN has what they call a “character image” with a short write-up of the young Gotham police detective. IGN reports that this is the first of a series of character images forthcoming in promotion of Gotham leading up to the September premiere.

Alan Moore To Launch New Maxi-Series, PROVIDENCE, at Avatar

Alan Moore may be on the outs with DC and Marvel. But his long relationship with Avatar Press is continuing with an all-new twelve issue comic series coming in 2015. In a report by Avatar-owned news outlet, publisher William Christensen states that Moore is working with artist Jacen Burrows on Providence, which Moore has reportedly called “The Watchmen of horror.”

First Trailer for Kevin Smith's TUSK Revealed

Writer/director Kevin Smith is busy at Comic-Con International: San Diego this week, but chief amongst those is promoting his upcoming horror film Tusk. On Friday evening, Smith showed con-goers the first trailer from the September 19-releasing film featuring Justin Long as a podcaster who is taked with interviewing an enigmatic seaman played by Michael Parks) who has an obsession with walrus. Ergo: Tusk. Here is the trailer:

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