Report: Warner Bros. 'Courting' Oscar-Winning Screenwriter for JUSTICE LEAGUE

Justice Leaue
Credit: DC Comics

In what they're calling an exclusive, Deadline is reporting Friday that Oscar-winning screenwriter for Argo and who wrote 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Chris Terrio, is being "courted" by Warner Bros. to script Justice League, the Zack Snyder-directed follow-up to Dawn of Justice that will feature a full-fledged meeting of the DC superteam after some characters debut in the 2016 Man of Steel sequel. 

Terrio is reportedly a hot screenwriter after his collaboration with Ben Aflleck for the 2013 Best Picture winner. He's also got Bunker Hill lined up with Affleck, and of course Affleck will star as Batman in Batman V Superman and Justice League. Deadline reports he "absolutely crushed" the screenplay for Dawn of Justice and if the report is accurate, it would certainly suggest DC has confidence in the script currently in production.

Deadline speculates Justice League may be the highest priority film at Warner Bros. for new film division managers Greg Silverman and Sue Kroll right now.

Warner Bros. holds their Comic-Con panel Saturday.

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